The company has launched its inaugural virtual store in the Outfit Shopping Mall on Roblox. Users can purchase Mango Teen digital garments for their avatars. Teaming up with digital partner BrandNewVerse, Mango becomes a key collaborator of the Outfit Shopping Mall.

This strategic move reflects Mango’s commitment to providing unique experiences, products, and services across physical, digital, and virtual realms. The Mango store not only sells virtual products but also serves as an interactive space for Roblox users. Additionally, it features a Mediterranean aesthetic tuned to Mango’s New Med design concept. Users have the opportunity to virtually try on Mango collections available in physical stores.

For Mango, entering Roblox signifies a significant milestone. It allows the brand to bring its fashion passion to the platform and expand its channels to cater to customer needs in various formats. Moreover, the Outfit Shopping Mall serves as a virtual hub on Roblox, providing users with the opportunity to explore stores, try on and buy digital products.

Mango’s Roblox venture aligns with the growing trend of digital self-expression. Consumers demand for fashion brands to offer items available in both the digital and physical worlds. Moreover, Mango aims to create a synchronized ecosystem that seamlessly connects its offerings across physical and online spaces.

You can check the press release here