Introductory Roblox Enterprise Workshops

Roblox introductory company workshops

Do you believe Roblox could be a communication tool for your brand, but need to explain it to the rest of your organization?

Are you considering introducing it to your company, but need to develop a business plan?

From our experience, we’ve learned that a 90-minute training session with various departments involved can help you a lot. Our workshops clarify many of the doubts that are not well addressed in the early stages of a project, which ultimately affect its results or expectations.

That’s why we offer training sessions for any company interested in entering the platform. We provide an introductory explanation of what Roblox is, and tailor the session to your needs: from discussing different entry strategies to the platform, to everything necessary for creating a business plan, distinguishing between investment in development and promotion, and calculating the expected return on investment.

Our workshops are attended by individuals from various departments such as marketing, content, licensing, finance, or innovation, as these areas are typically involved in your project sooner or later.

We provide all the necessary information to internally present a Roblox launch project, with no commitment beyond a minimum number of confirmed attendees and your willingness to participate.

If you’re interested, please fill out this form to get in touch with us.