Introducing Roblox for Brands


As a studio specializing in developing branded experiences on Roblox, we dedicate a significant portion of our time to evangelizing and explaining the platform to brands, agencies, and marketing and communication professionals interested in it.

After considerable thought, we decided to structure all the information we share in our meetings in an organized, easily shareable, and engaging manner. Thus, we introduce you “Roblox for Brands” the first blog created by Roblox developers for brands and marketing professionals seeking to learn more about the platform.

Our aim is to address all the questions typically posed by marketing and innovation teams in the first 60 minutes of a meeting: from what Roblox is to how much a branded experience costs, and most importantly, how to measure your return on investment.

We firmly believe that the same rules applicable in conventional media planning can be applied to development on Roblox.

What is Roblox for brands about


Today, we officially launch this initiative, which rests on three fundamental pillars:

  • BrandnewVerse.101: Mastering Branded experiences: This is the first edition of a series of studies and guides aimed at understanding, in 40 pages, how to carry out brand activations on Roblox. In the coming months, we will release vertical studios. To download them, you can access them here.


  • Roblox for Brands: Our blog, where we will periodically publish all the entries from the study in the coming weeks. If you want to stay updated on all the news, tips, and insights about developing for brands on Roblox, you can subscribe to our newsletter.


  • Enterprise Workshops: These are the same courses we have been informally conducting for months for any company interested in entering Roblox. In these workshops, we explain everything from what the platform is to how the algorithm works and promotion on Roblox. You can contact us and arrange a meeting directly using this form.


We hope you’re as excited as we are to embark on this journey together to explore the potential of Roblox in brand development and hopefully provide answers to all the questions that matter for any professional.


Marketers, content and licensing professionals, innovation teams… all of you are welcome to Roblox for Brands!


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