Mastering branded experiences, Launching your brand on roblox

BrandnewVerse.101: Mastering Branded Experiences (Launching your brand on Roblox)


You’ve made the decision to venture into Roblox, you’re scouting for developers to brief, and as you’re drafting the brief, you find yourself wondering: What exactly are we going to do on Roblox?

Undoubtedly, the vaguest brief I’ve ever received came from an agency: “The client wants to make a Roblox.” I’m still unclear on what that means, but as you might guess, it led nowhere, likely because neither the client nor the agency knew what they wanted.

As I said before Roblox is not just a gaming platform; it’s a whole ecosystem and a social network 3.0.

Therefore, when considering entry strategies, reflect on how to engage with the community.

Four strategies based on co-creation


Here are four approaches based on how much control over co-creation your brand desires, all of which are mutually compatible and complementary:

  • Branded Experiences: For complete control and ownership, develop your own customized experience. This approach offers advantages but also requires significant budget and effort to attract and retain an audience.
  • Brand Integrations in Third-Party Experiences: For more tactical actions seeking impact, integrating into existing experiences can be a good option. For instance, Banana Studios, a native Roblox development studio, offers such integration within its network of experiences, amassing over a billion visits.
  • Avatar Item Development: A significant portion of avatar item sales happens through Roblox’s marketplace or within third-party experiences. Distribution agreements, like those we have in the shopping mall, involve promoting and selling your avatar items to boost sales directly within our experiences.
  • Co-Creation in Owned Environments: Encourage creativity by calling on the developer community, as Duolingo did with its game jam in June 2022. This approach promotes co-creation and recognition among the developer community.
  • The Toolbox: You can always leave certain brand designs in the toolbox for the general developer community to use. This option is the riskiest but also the most open to innovation.

four approaches based on how much control over co-creation your brand desires

Many brands are unaware that they’re already on Roblox thanks to their fans. Sometimes, these brands have their own experiences, and other times, their presence is hidden within the toolbox of Roblox Studio.


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