When we are asked about the “Buyer Persona” for the services we offer, believe us, there’s not a straightforward answer because it revolves around three types of professionals who see value in the solutions we provide: A Digital Marketing Executive who sees Roblox as a new platform to reach their target audience. On the other hand, the head of innovation at a company aiming to connect with younger targets is another profile capable of seeing the platform’s possibilities for obvious reasons.

However, the third key figure is the Head of Content: because Roblox can be seen as a powerful tool for creating content on other social media channels like YouTube or TikTok, specifically reaching an audience that is very hard to connect with.

Adopt Me!, one of Roblox’s largest native franchises, boasts a YouTube channel with 3 million subscribers and 222 million views to date, and a TikTok account with 6 million followers. I often mention, especially to fashion brands, that the #ROBLOX hashtag has more posts and views on TikTok than the #FASHION hashtag.

Source: Tiktok hashtags, Feb 2023

We use our TikTok account to experiment and learn: Olivia, our community manager, explores games beyond ours, shares outfits, and even celebrated her university graduation with her followers on Roblox. Every year, as Eurovision approaches, our community requests us to create “outfits” resembling those of the contestants, which they love. This initiative started almost by chance, the year Ukraine won, we created an outfit similar to theirs as a show of solidarity, and suddenly, requests for Spain’s outfit in 2023, Latvia’s, and more followed. There are even several unofficial Eurovision experiences on Roblox created by amateurs who simply love the festival, attracting users recording themselves during the event.

We’ve even tried reaching out to someone from the EBU via LinkedIn to share our learnings, but I haven’t been able to explain the potential of leveraging Roblox to reach their younger audience without them directly creating the experience. It’s like our personal message in a bottle: If anyone reading this has a close contact with them, please pass the message along.

Jokes and anecdotes aside, many professionals are brainstorming ways to create content on TikTok and YouTube that resonates with younger audiences, and for them, Roblox represents an opportunity to generate highly recognizable content for their target demographic.

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