Mastering branded experiences Understanding Roblox

One aspect we spend a lot of time emphasizing when speaking with potential clients or agencies is the importance of the avatar to Roblox users.

I don’t know why, as adults we understand the willingness to pay for professional photos for an Instagram or LinkedIn profile, but it’s harder to grasp the value or importance assigned to an avatar in a social network where people spend over two and a half hours a day with friends: You use your avatar to project something, just like in real life, but without the limitations of physics.

In Roblox, there are unique dress codes and styles: Preppy, Y2K, Emo, Kawaii, and more, each carrying its own meaning. To understand them, we’ve spent years posting “outfits” on our TikTok account to see how they perform in terms of views. When my daughter helped me at the beginning, the posts were successful, but when my community manager took over, we attracted haters criticizing us precisely because we didn’t understand those codes.

Everyone adapts their avatar based on their current mood and especially what they want to project. For instance, I have one outfit for demos with clients and many others for when I’m playing: the demo outfit is a realistic avatar that I use in my signature, dressed in VANS or Roblox gear, with sneakers.

Why? Because adults want the virtual world to resemble the reality they’re accustomed to. For younger users, it’s entirely different; they want to let their imagination soar.

The reason why so many fashion brands are entering the platform is that the way you dress your avatar aligns with the same aspirations and motivations you have for dressing in real life: to express yourself and connect with others, both digitally and physically.

Motivations to dress your avatar

Having a conversation with a fashion brand interested in entering the platform is entirely different than engaging with any other client or agency. A whole new digital fashion industry is emerging on Roblox, with native creators designing for millions of users daily. This will become even more significant when Roblox, as announced on their investor day, fulfills their intention of integrating virtual and physical e-commerce.

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