One of the first lessons you’ll learn when diving into Roblox is the significant role that platform-specific influencers play in the discovery of your experience. Many developers invest a lot of time reaching out to influencers to try their experiences. It’s a fair trade-off since an engaging experience can be a great tool for the influencer, providing them with regular content.

One of the highlights in our early days was when CookieSwirlC, a YouTuber with 20 million subscribers, did a video about our game ‘Find the Foodkins’. This video has now garnered 9 million views on YouTube and our Foodkins have more than 6 million plays on the platform. She cannot imagine how grateful we feel for such generous support.

However, for brands, it’s common to establish paid collaboration agreements. Influencers can be a powerful tool for driving discovery of your experience. If chosen wisely, the conversion rate from views to visits can easily be around 20%, making them one of the most cost-effective promotional mediums in the long run.

Moreover, they don’t just bring visits; they often bring quality visits: they explain the game and can prompt actions like joining a group or liking the experience. Finally, for a company like BrandNewVerse, which so far has only worked with Spanish-speaking brands, influencers can be a fantastic way to target the Hispanic audience. There are many leading Spanish-speaking YouTubers who can help promote your game with follower volumes comparable to the big English-speaking YouTubers, like Krao_esp or Lyna, to name a few.

If you’re aiming for a global campaign, We recommend including at least one video with a Spanish-speaking YouTuber in your marketing strategy to not overlook that 15%-20% of Roblox users.

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